One Loan Place Review


One Loan Place says they’re the place for personal loans and small business loans, and that they have a program designed for anyone. When you’re looking for a loan and you have seen your fair share of lenders that make promises, you’re probably used to it.

They list that they’re able to get money for a variety of reasons, including personal loans, business loans, debt consolidation loans, and start up loans. This should probably handle just about any loan need from most borrowers.

If you need a loan for things that are happening in your life you can get a personal loan to take care of those. If you are swimming in debt and are tired of paying off all of the loans separately you would go with a debt consolidation loan. For a business that wants to expand or needs money to pursue a new opportunity or get caught up on things, a small business loan would be best.

And if you’re just thinking of a new business idea and want some money to get things off the ground, you’d go with a start up loan. Start up loans are generally the hardest to get because you have to prove the worth of your idea with a business plan or some other history or documentation showing that you have what it takes to get the business to work.

One Loan Place Review – What They Do

One Loan Place does not charge a fee for their service, and they are essentially trying to get you matched up with a lender that will loan to a borrower with your specific lending criteria. For example, if you have bad credit they’d only send your application to lenders that lend to those with bad credit. If your credit is better then they’ll send you to a lender that can give you better rates due to your credit history.

“Financial Freedom Starts Here”

Their slogan is that financial freedom starts here, which is not true at all. Consumer or personal debt cannot lead to financial freedom, and instead only gets you into more financial stress when the loan payments become due and you are trying to pay them back from the same income that got you into financial trouble in the first place.

We’re not quite sure why they would make this your slogan, since just about everyone knows that only passive income from assets is the way to gain financial freedom, and if it were as easy as getting a loan from a lender like this everyone would be financially free.

No Collateral

They say that you don’t have to use anything for collateral which is pretty much the norm for payday loans, since your job is your collateral. This could come in extra handy if you’re looking for a business loan and don’t want to put up any of your personal property for your business needs. It’s best to keep your personal and business lives separate, and this may be a good way to go.

Our Recommendation

One Loan Place might be a good place to start if you need a loan for a variety of reasons and have credit that’s less than perfect. However, they don’t have a secure website and they ask you for personal information right on the front page after you select what type of loan you want. They do have a toll free number that you can call during business hours and perhaps could submit your information with a real person.

If they’d secure their site so that it says https instead of http then we’d be able to give them our full recommendation. As it stands it may be worth the time to give them a call and see how far you can get over the phone. Be sure to read the fine print under their disclosures to get a better idea of the types of loans they give out and what their role is in the process. Overall, it would be nice if you could get a loan from them because they offer so many different types of loans, you could return for different loans again and again as needed.